Germany Moves To Legalize Cannabis, Second Country After Malta In Europe


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now Germany proves that was a bunch of bullshit

So far they have proven nothing, from the article;

"Although no timetable has been set for the introduction of legislation"

As a German who wants this for a long time now; I've heard this too often, and see the exact opposite happen.

Case in point; The last "legalization" we had was to make it legal for medical applications, for which it was already legal.

The only thing the last change did was change the law in such a way to even deny terminally ill patients the right to grow their own cannabis, to save costs vs buying expensive pharmacy international corporation cannabis.

Instead, now everybody is supposed to get it from pharmacies, and those can only be supplied by the same big few international cannabis distributors, which are already struggling to fill the steadily rising global demand.

Which in practice means; Most German pharmacies don't have any cannabis at all, those that have it sell it at absurd prices due to the dire supply situation for the "official medical" market.

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