NATO says its jets scrambled 290 times due to Russian planes


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Nah Russia never had a chance of becoming Germany, the US advisors unleashed rampent corruption in which state assets were capitalised on by their former managers, creating the oligarchs, which Putin brought somewhat under control, hence his popularity. Russia actually has a better future to look forward to as part of China's BIR, which is what this is really about.

The US empire is like the British empire, it's based on control of sea trade lanes, you want a fair deal on the high seas you must be on good terms with the US. The BIR is going to create the largest trade network on Earth and most of it is land based and thus immune to US naval power, you want access you must be on good terms with China and Russia, and that will end the US's global dominance without bombing anyone. Short of war with at least China the US can't stop this.

As such the hostility to Russia is actually about China, they want to prize Russia away from China because they can't take on China if Russia has it's back. Russia and China's strengths and weaknesses compliment each other, China has the economic power but it needs access to US markets, it's not confident diplomatically and it's military doesn't yet have the technical ability to take on the US. Russia is economically weak but it has experience of squaring up to the US and it has a strong military particularly in nuclear terms, and it can survive without access to western markets. As such Russia is acting as China's strong arm, once the BIR is complete China won't need access to US markets and things will be the other way around. Further Germany's interests with it's export based economy are increasingly in it's trade with China and Russia.

Something the west should be asking itself is "why now", why is Putin forcing this issue right now, we already know he objects to NATO expansion and that this issue could lead to confrontation, but, it could wait, why now? Obviously Putin thinks Russia has the upper hand right now, maybe it does. After all the west's economies need Russian energy exports, especially in winter, Russia and China have already made plans to replace SWIFT, the US doesn't want Russia to sell it's advanced military technologies to China, like say hypersonic missiles or electronic warfare blocking techology the US hasn't even yet developed. In otherwords US policy might be so misplaced they are actually driving Russia and China together, the exact thing they wanted to avoid.

Take nordstream for example, in the western media it's presented as something Russia needs, but Russia could just sell it's gas to China instead, nordstream is about keeping down German electricity prices, it's something to Germany's benefit (although it does increase Russian influence in Germany) and that's why the US wants to stop it by stirring up Kiev to attack Donbass and thus provoke Russia to attack Ukraine thus scaring the Europeans and politically forcing Germany to abandon nordstream, such an event will keep western Europe in line, even if it destroys the German export industry because their energy expenses are so high they become too expensive. Russia is now calling the bluff and seeking to turn Kiev's provocation to their own advantage by demanding security guarentees.

I suppose my ultimate point is that the western foreign policy elite are incompetents who are actually speeding up their own decline.

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