Thousands of diesel vehicles will no longer be allowed to drive in Brussels


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NOx - is actually preventable, and is a green house gas.

NOx is NO1, and NO2 - and created when Oxygen and Nitrogen are super heated in a compressed environment.

You can reduce NOx production by introducing exhaust gases into the intake of a combustion engine. Thus limiting the amount of room for excess oxygen in the chamber. - This will also have the side effect of reducing fuel economy, as less fuel will be burned in the combustion chamber, and more unburned fuel reach the catalytic converter or other emissions devices.

  • VW - in their TDI engines cheated by turning off this system, increasing fuel economy, and increasing NOx. They also sold this technology to many of their competitors.

  • Mercedes - had a different "AdBlue" system which introduced urea (a component in human piss) and water, to the exhaust system, thus cleaning up emissions. However, they too also had a cheat device, which disabled the AdBlue system after X number of miles.

In Germany both cheat systems are "allowed", and thus "allowed" in all EU member states:

  • Why is this allowed in Germany? - Two exceptions exist: 1) When the engine is getting to temperature (this one isn't so important.) 2) When the automaker states it is to "Protect the Engine" - Which is the important one.

  • Why is this allowed in EU countries? - Because under EU law if 1 country allows it, all EU countries allow it. Allowed in Germany = Allowed in all of EU countries.

Why is this not allowed in the US/Canada/Mexico? - US/Canada/Mexico have no exception, and are not members of the EU.

If it is allowed in Germany/EU, why do we know about the "Cheat devices" in the US? - A laboratory connected to a college used a TDi technology diesel and tested it in real world conditions for emissions. At first they thought their testing equipment/vehicle/methodology was wrong. Eventually they came to the conclusion that there was a cheat device, and proved it.

Why didn't the EPA in the US detect either VW's cheat device or Mercedes cheat device?

Both VW's emissions technology, and Mercedes emissions technology work in theory, and when enabled. However VW's emissions technology is only enabled when the vehicle detects it is on the testing machine/dyno via feedback through the steering wheel. Mercedes emissions technology disables itself after X number of miles, which would be enough for short trips, or the duration of the emissions test.

NOx - it creates acid rain, smog, damages the Ozone layer, and is a green house gas. It is also a concern when talking about internal combustion engines converted to use Hydrogen as a fuel source.

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