Kazakhstan completely abolishes death penalty


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There is no one answer. Maybe developing/progressing.

There are two large cities, the newer capital with a lot of modern things you would see in other modern cities. The old capital, which is still kind of the cultural capital in a way. It's the focal point for the film industry and things like that.

Out in the provinces, it's more rugged like the rural parts of other countries but perhaps less developed.

Historically, Kazakhstan is this huge landlocked country south of Siberia. The Russians sent a range of people to camps during the times of the USSR, so you do have a smattering of people with Korean, Polish, German, etc... mixed in with their Kazakh. It was overall very remote because of its location. It has kind of a Muslim heritage culture where in the Soviets banished Islam and now many people are similar to those in the US who don't regularly attend church but might go to mass on Christmas. You see mosques around; some attend and some don't.

In modern times, the internet brought the world to this isolated part of central Asia, and the young people are very Eurasian in that they'll watch Game of Thrones followed by a Korean drama. And they were already that way before kpop and all of the recent Korean stardom in the US.

The country is on the Steppe: large open plains punctuated by mountain ranges. It's on the dry side. But most of all it's cold. Fahrenheit and Celsius meet at -45 (OK, -40), and it gets that cold every winter.

But the people are very warm. They're happy you came to see Kazakhstan for yourself and want you to be comfortable there. I worked with a lot of 18-year-olds who hated the movie Borat. You would probably hate it too if someone made a movie that makes your country the butt of a joke.

So that's my take on Kazakhstan.

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