NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard tells the unvaccinated to ‘switch off your social media and switch on reality’


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There's levels to it.

Until now, all state governments have largely engaged in evidence based, well resourced pandemic management.

Be they conservative or nominally leftwing. They've also explored slightly different models.

Hazzard is hated as a politician but our health officials have a moderate degree of power and control over pandemic response and the scientific/medical community have remained vocal.

The conservative federal government though, have to be bullied into doing the right thing, and they've abdicated many constitutional responsibilities to the states.

The media has also been a big factor, constantly triangulating on Labour leaders and generally trying to worsen the situation. A big part of this is mefia concentration and the prominance of the Murdoch press.

Basically the three biggest private media orgs in Australia, which control most radio, newspaper, TV, cable and online content are virulently rightwing and heavily out of touch with the public, when it comes to polling on issues.

But they try to keep the feds in power, who in turn undermine media diversification.

Historically the counterbalance was the two major public broadcasters, the ABC and SBS, but through bullying, defunding and infiltration, much like what has happened to the BBC, they are slowly becoming more subservient to capital and conservative interests.

Given Australia is a small market, independent media struggles. Basically the only commercial alternative to the psychotic rightwing press (of any size) us the guardian. And in Australia, they focus primarily on hard news and opinion, no investigative unit.

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