Scientists identify antibodies that can neutralize Omicron variant


As you may know !

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Sure but there’s always been uncaptured data from people who are asymptomatic or for whatever reason choose not to get testing done once already sick.

That unreported data means omicron as reported through testing is 4-8x as infectious, but a lot of cases are going undetected, so it’s quite possibly even more infectious.

In my own region our chief medical officer of health estimated that as many as 5/6 delta cases were not detected through testing, and during the delta wave we saw all time hospitalization and ICU highs, peaking around ~2000 cases per day (that were detected)

This time around we saw ~2400 per day within a week of omicron first being detected in the region, and the case numbers are so high now that the PCR testing system collapsed, less than a week later.

At current growth rates we’ll see our entire population infected by 3rd week of January, and even if only half of one percent of cases require hospitalization (which is absolutely not what early data is indicating), we’re going to double our peak hospitalization numbers through delta.

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