UK DJ Dimension becomes New Zealand’s first Omicron community case after breaking quarantine rules


Everyone knows !

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Before omicron, MIQ was loosening a bit as we now have covid in our community but also so that more people can move through/come to NZ.

It has recently changed for some people to allow the second half of quarantine to be done at a home - with no coming or going whatsoever, including going out for walks etc. So 7 days in MIQ and then 3+ days at home depending on when you get the results for the last test.

This guy took photos of himself on the beach the first day of his at home portion of quarantine. He then also went out to clubs. Not only was he still meant to be completely isolated at home, had hadn’t got his last test results back. Even if you’ve done your set amount of days you still have to wait for your results before breaking quarantine.

Yes he may have caught it at MIQ - being that omicron is so infectious this isn’t unlikely, but that’s why the system is in place, so that it can still be caught the majority of the time before people go out and spread it around.

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He had 2 negative tests between arriving in NZ and the 9th day test. If either of those tests were positive he wouldn’t have been let out of MIQ to home isolate. Unlucky that it wasn’t detected sooner.

Doesn’t change the fact that he broke the rules and went out before quarantine was finished and didn’t wait for the last tests results. These rules all exist for this exact reason.

Also a lot of questions around how he got to Waiheke Island to do home quarantine (usually you have to take a ferry there) so he possibly broke other rules as well.

A lot of questions and a lot of very angry kiwis at the moment

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That's what I thought - even if they caught it during a stopover (the latest period that wouldn't be traceable) then 9 days is longer than I've heard it being in incubation.

They took the PCR test on Christmas Day, it doesn't mention how the test was returned, but if it was by post then likely that wasn't running either day, and the testing facilities may not have been operating Xmas day or both days too.

It would be interesting to know if anybody else in his quarantine facility tested for Omicron, I wouldn't be surprised if he caught it there.

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