3,600-Year-Old Remains of Man Killed by Bronze Age Tsunami Discovered, Researchers Say


Before we jump in, let me say that camDown !

No, because then the signs would have been worldwide. Geologically and biologically.

What has happened globally is that after the last ice age the sea level has rsen considerably, and not always slowly. Add that people tend to live along rivers and coasts and no place is immune to floods and tsunamis, it is no wonder that every culture have some stories of times when that happened, and aybe dim memories of land areas that used to be above water.

Take the eruption of Santorini sometime 1500-1600 BCE that ended the poor guy in the article on a nearby island (and probably tens of thousands of others). It was huge! It triggered one of the hugest tsunamis ever seen by humankind and must have messed with the weather for years, possibly decades. All of this did affect the whole world known by the people who wrote the bible, and may well have inspired or reinforced all sorts of flood myths around the Mediterreanean and Mesopotamia.

However, it did not cause flooding in Alaska or make kangaroos swim over from Australia to jump on the boat of some dude in Sumer. That makes no bloody sense whatsoever.

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