Brazil: more than 100 aircraft seized for involvement in environmental crimes


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I dont get it, how did so many people, many raised with things like Dr Seuss, or whatever their cultures equivalent, completely ignore whats important for the survival of our species.

Theres an argument to be made for a poacher with barely means to feed themselves or a dependent. But many arent struggling so desperately and have choices. You might have seen something like 80 small airplanes used in environmental crimes getting seized in Brasil recently. WTF? These people have options but decide to screw all mankind now, and since the stakes are getting higher, forever.

I wish we lived in a world where environmental and white collar crimes were treated as serious as the damage they cause.
Like, any animal on endangered species list, penalty is same as killing a person. No cushy jail, hard labor in a preserve making things better for whats left and what they cannot ever truly restore. That or a straight up face-off with whatever type of animal they killed.

And places like china buying shark fin soup and tiger this or rhino that... there needs to be a cultural shift.

Chinese pres forcing removal of tattoos, dudes got the juice to curb demand for things that are morally dubious at best. I know everywheres got issues but Asian cultures in general need to re-examine their relationship with animals. I mean japanese whaling ships and all crew could all drown and get chomped by orcas and sharks today and i wouldnt feel sorry for one second.

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