Myanmar military reverts to strategy of massacres, burnings | AP News


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Reddit would lose its shit, saying it's another example of Western imperialism. A few civilians would inevitably die in the strike because you're not delivering multiple 1,000 lb warheads into an urban area without killing civilians, and Reddit would lose its shit.

And then way more reasonably, the state could fragment into ethnic fiefdoms as many groups oppressed since long before Burma became a British puppet see their opportunity to rise up. And I absolutely guarantee that with enough weapons and power, those groups are no better than the government - states just get more flak for murdering their own than non-state entities which always get cast as the underdog. And now, rather understandably, Reddit would lose its shit.

The current legitimately pro-democracy nationalist groups never survive long in these wars either because of the Islamic world precedent where urban academics dramatically overestimate how many of their countrymen actually want a free, more or less Western society, or the more likely African precedent - these hometown militias just trying for peace and a semi-Western democracy will just be terribly out gunned, trained, and financed compared to ethnic militias that in the case of Myanmar, have been fighting in some cases since WWII. And even if they could, China would immediately get off their ass and throw serious material support behind someone they could puppet instead of broadly being in wait and see mode and allowing Arma to flow to all sides.

Point being, it would be nice to be able to solve problems with a surgical application of force. But we can't because it's not 1995 and it's politically unviable for NATO powers to get involved no matter what, aaaaand, a lot of the times it breaks states to such a degree that it makes the killing and the problem worse than before.

Southeast Asia is tough because it represents some of the very places on earth (Myanmar, Vietnam, sadly Thailand which has regressed) that are socially and economically advanced enough to support a stable democracy that don't already have one. But the process of getting there violently is only likely to delay that slow transition.

There is a time and a place for a Tomahawk dump, but regime decapitation to initiate regime change has proven to just not be one of them.

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