South Africa court blocks Shell’s oil exploration


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And that check is a further example of the issue.

Here's a quick history lesson.

Alaska's oil boom was awesome, lots of money flowing (hah) through the state, lots of easy tax money. So our state's government sees all this money in one of those years..... and it's gone. So the next year was also great, with a massive amount of easy mon-nope already spent. So somewhere in here some actually pretty smart people get the bright idea that they should set aside a portion of this money from oil wealth into a fund, and that this fund could pay a dividend on it's investments (the "permanent fund dividend") to Alaskan residents with the idea that the fund will only increase in value, and seeing a yearly check from this wealth will give the average Alaskan good reason to be invested in making sure the fund is properly managed. That said, the idea for the fund was that it's "Alaska's" nest egg to guard against budget shortfalls.

Fast forward to today, people don't give a damn about the fund or it's proper administration or the state budget as long as they get their yearly check.

In my case there's also an issue I see (I'm 29, born and raised in AK and don't plan on leaving anytime soon unless forced to) that oilfield jobs bring in a lot of people who are working in a very lucrative industry from out of state who bring a incredibly conservative (and dare I say colonialist) mindset because fundamentally they are here for the easy money and have no attachment to the state or its economic wellbeing because once the money stops they'll just move on to the next place.

If Alaska didn't have that oil wealth we'd probably be a blue state.

Also it's not just a tax problem. When you have resource extraction you have environmental issues; disasters like the Exon Valdez are always waiting to happen and will leave destroyed economies in their wake while the company spends 30 years stalling in court before paying out a fraction of what they should to help the people affected.

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