Wearing masks outdoors mandatory in Paris starting Friday


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Look, I wore a mask inside for 2 years. Hell I still wear an n95 when I go shopping, but the moment someone tries to make me wear a mask outdoors, in the open fresh air, is the moment I’m going to lose my shit. Fuck that noise. There is no perfection. No matter what we fucking do, we cannot stop omicron from spreading. Hell, we even know nothing under a fucking n95 will stop it anyways, and at Mac 5% of people in my city use that level. More like 1-2%.

At some point you have to get on the plane. No matter how much safety you want, there is always a chance of a terrorist. We lock the cockpits and scan the people. But to remove 100% of the threat would make travel IMPOSSIBLE. To remove 100% of the threat of this virus makes our lives unlivable.

Why the fuck isn’t everyone rejoicing at omicron. The first more contagious and less severe variant. Instead people are trying to mask harder, as if that’s going to fucking work now.

My good friend almost died of OG Covid. Another passed from delta, which is still around and nothing to fuck with. Through the entire pandemic though, I’ve personally only known a handful of people who have had it or died. However, this week my father in law, my cousin, my best friend, my friend from high school, all got fucking omicron. They are all safe and mask up. Previous experience and leading epidemiologists have said and continue to say the pandemic will become endemics at some point. If that is so, then we need to be ready to let go and start thinking of what the new normal is. Because wearing a mask outside all the time is utter fucking bullshit. I have mocked and been angered by anti-maskers this whole time, but fuck. That. Noise. I guess at some level I am also an anti masker.

Small benefit to omicron is not worth losing fresh air, smiles, and forced face coverings in perpetuity.

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