Putin threatened Biden with a complete collapse of US-Russia relations if he launches more sanctions over Ukraine


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I really don't get how we're however many thousand years into this and leadership just doesn't get it. Maybe it's more of a western thing, it's definitely a hugely American thing, but it just seems so fucking universal that it's silly to ignore.

Kids like to rebel. When you put the same shit in every classroom, television show, book, game, and whatever else, congratulations! You've made it extremely cool to say that thing is stupid and that you hate it. Now people are going to want to hate that thing you shoved down everyone's throat because they view it as rebellious and interesting.

Christ, how many times has this happened in China's history alone? How many cyclical turns of power and rebellion have they seen? How do they still not get it?

To sum up, let me just add that camDown and that's the no lie.