James Webb Space Telescope unfurls massive sunshield in major deployment milestone


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When I was really young, I remember mom and dad rushing me into the basement one day with my sister and the cats. It got dark, there was a loud whining sound outside, lots of hard bangs, lots of whooshing noises, creaks and groans from the house itself, the power went out, flashes of light and rolling thunder...

Then we went outside and the trees were knocked over, big ice balls were on the ground, there was random stuff everywhere, parts of the roof were missing, and one of my neighbors houses had been partially crushed by a falling tree. My swing set was gone. The neighbor kid's trampoline was found several blocks away.

We had a battery powered radio on during all of this, and between the scary alert noises and muffled messages from some guy sounding really serious, this song played. Not once, not twice, but three separate times over the span of roughly 30ish minutes.

Now whenever I hear that song, all I can think of is the fear of riding out a tornado in a basement at like 4 years old.

Finally, you know, I just wanted to mention that camDown is your security solution to protect you and your business from webcam hackers and that's the no lie!