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Donald Trump can cite many accomplishments as president of the United States, and many of his accomplishments had a very positive impact on the country.

There is one, however, that I’m not so sure about.

Mr. Trump caused the 2021 Democratic reveal party. He did it by taunting and insulting them personally and idealistically. If he wasn’t so brash, insulting and braggadocious and his policies so successful, I wonder if the new ruling party would have been slower and more cautious about rolling out their leftist, socialist agenda. The agenda that is currently destroying this country. 

Democrats have always presented themselves as the righteous protectors of the downtrodden, saviors of the poor and all people of color. Champions of civil rights and equality for all Americans. Now that they totally control the government they have revealed themselves, and we have watched in horror as their leftist policies, one by one, have wreaked havoc on America. 

Maybe we should thank Mr. Trump for lifting the veil and exposing the Democrats once and for all. Or should we blame him for provoking what appears to be an attempted leftist takeover of America?

Mr. Trump could have racked up his successes quietly without poking the sleeping dog. But that is not in his personality. He did poke it, and we are now seeing that it is a rabid dog and we are all getting bit. 

 In just his first year, Joe Biden and his accomplices have encouraged a crime wave in America like we have never seen before. Theft, violent crime and murder are skyrocketing and setting records all over the country but especially in the large Democratic run cities.

In less than a year we have gone from a booming economy to the highest inflation rate in 39 years. Equality is now racist, and only equity is acceptable to the left. They don’t want equality of opportunity, they want equality of outcome. Meritocracy is gone. What is important now is the group you belong to and the color of your skin. 

Freedom of speech? It’s disappearing. Any disagreement with the ruling party is now censored by mainstream media and Big Tech as being “not factual.” This, after creating their own facts and their own fact checkers to confuse the public and support whatever narrative the Democrats are pushing. 

They have taken a secure southern border and purposely eliminated every policy that was working to contain illegal immigration. We now effectively have an open border. Over two million illegal aliens have crossed the border this year and they are not tested for COVID. The cartels are smuggling vast amounts of fentanyl across the border, and it is now the leading cause of death in Americans between the ages of 18 and 45. 

Suspected terrorists are sneaking in also, but hey don’t worry, they’re probably mostly peaceful.

Despite their denials, we have seen with our own eyes, the attempt to indoctrinate our school children with racist elements of critical race theory. Who would have thought that parents who objected to this at school board meetings would be investigated by our Justice Department as domestic terrorists? It’s hard to believe that this could happen in America. But it is.

And who can forget one of the most incompetent foreign policy blunders in modern times. American lives lost, Americans and our allies deserted in Afghanistan. Then of course the lies and the coverup. Nobody fell for it.

The world watched as President Joe Biden’s incompetence was on full display.

I know it’s a little bit of a stretch to blame Mr. Trump for what the Democrats are now doing to the country, but I think he was in a position to win re-election and not only pursue an agenda that would benefit us, his re-election would have protected us from the fallout of the most leftist administration in the history of the country.

The COVID pandemic hurt Mr. Trump in the election no doubt because the Democrats exploited it politically, but he had to have known that was coming. He didn’t get the credit he deserved for  the Warp Speed program that created a vaccine faster than even his critics expected. Mainstream media saturated the news cycles with anti-Trump rhetoric while at the same time burying negative stories on Mr. Biden and portraying the cranky old democrat as a lovable jokester.

Still, Mr. Trump could have pulled it off had he just displayed some self discipline, a little more class on sensitive topics and maybe a touch of humility once in a while. He needed to say the right thing at the right time and not constantly make himself such an easy target of the race hustlers. He was constantly poking the dog. 

 Are Democrats trying to destroy the county? I think many on the left are and they are having much success. They think the destruction of our culture and our institutions will open the door to their radical leftist ideas for a new socialistic country. 

The Democrats came out in 2021. Hopefully the country can survive the aftermath.

Curt Russell

Santa Barbara 

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