Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are the WORST White House occupants ever LEO McKINSTRY – Daily Express


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Trump critics subverted the US constitution with cynical impeachment manoeuvres (Image: Getty) Sign up for FREE now and never miss the top politics stories again Invalid emailWe use your sign-up to provide content in ways you've consented to and to improve our understanding of you. This may include adverts from us and 3rd parties based on our understanding. You can unsubscribe at any time. More infoThe United States is increasingly gripped by a sense of weakness abroad and crisis at home. One year into the presidency of Joe Biden, the land of the free has become a place of division and decline. It was all meant to be different when Biden entered the White House last January. A veteran of the Washington scene and the former Vice-President to Barack Obama, he presented himself as a national healer after the tumultuous years of Donald Trump.To his critics, Trump had poisoned American politics, never more so than in his refusal to accept the result of the 2020 election. It was an unprecedented stance that fuelled the storming of the Capitol building exactly a year ago this week.What that anti-Trump narrative ignored was the part played by partisan Democrats and the Left themselves in the undermining of American democracy over recent years. From the moment Trump won in 2016, his opponents challenged his legitimacy, claiming, with misleading and scant evidence, that the outcome of the election was influenced by Putin’s regime in Russia.As they shrieked about the dangers of Trump, they subverted the US constitution with cynical impeachment manoeuvres, fanned the flames of racial grievance, and cheered violent protesters during incendiary riots in 2020. These factors led directly to the events of January 6 as a violent counter-reaction.In all this activity, they were backed by compliant broadcasters and social media platforms, which plumbed the depths of partisanship in the 2020 election. No presidential candidate has ever received less scrutiny than Biden, who used the Covid pandemic as an excuse to avoid interviews and he did little campaigning while he hid in his Delaware basement.America is now paying the price for that failure to challenge Biden. Shambling in both manner and speech, he is patently not up to the task of leading the world’s biggest democracy. He was never an impressive figure but now, at the age of 79, he is in obvious decline, prone to embarrassing memory lapses and reliant on an autocue for even the simplest announcements.The real control in the White House is exerted by unelected operators in the shadows. With Biden as their bewildered puppet, they can impose their ideological agenda. So they eagerly promote uncontrolled mass immigration in the hope of transforming America’s demography since most ethnic minorities vote Democrat. In August alone this year, there were an incredible 209,000 illegal crossings of the southern border.At the same time, they go soft on crime through denunciations of the police, cuts to their budgets and support for radical district attorneys, with the result that violence is exploding in America’s cities. The city of Portland, Oregon, has seen the murder rate go up 43 percent this year. As they create a new mood of McCarthyism through their determination to enforce their dogma, especially on critical race theory and transgenderism, they are turning US civic institutions – including the armed forces, schools and universities – into citadels of groupthink and indoctrination.It is an astonishing change in a country built on the protection of liberty. But radical experiments always end badly and Biden’s administration is failing on every front. During the 2020 election he promised to “shut down” Covid, yet the pandemic is still raging wildly as the death toll reaches 824,000. On the economy, inflation and debts are soaring, while growth is faltering.His withdrawal from Afghanistan was a hasty debacle that brought the brutal Taliban to power, cost the USA a fortune in lost equipment, alienated his allies and created a humanitarian disaster. America has never looked so enfeebled, just at a time when Russia is threatening Ukraine and China is seeking global dominance.Like a peashooter confronted by a pair of tanks, Biden’s lack of authority is a dramatic contrast to the formidable ruthlessness of Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping. Nor can hope be found in the calibre of Biden’s Vice-President Kamala Harris. Once hailed as a pioneering voice, she has turned out to be a flop.Sad to say, Biden and Harris are among the worst occupants of the White House in its history. As 2022 begins, it is disturbing to think that the West’s destiny is partly in their hands.
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