Day: January 4, 2022

Republicans need to focus on an America that offers opportunity, not repression – Washington Times


OPINION:Liberal overreach helped conservative values triumph in the 2021 elections, but Republicans won’t cakewalk to big gains in the midterms.Virginia exit polls indicate the economy is still the most important issue. Still, governors, state legislatures and local politicians can do little more than steal jobs from other jurisdictions…

How ‘cultural Marxism’ and ‘critical race theory’ became dangerously misunderstood | The Grammarian – The Philadelphia Inquirer


Congratulations, red-scaredy-cats! You won the dictionary this week. I hope you’re happy.The Oxford English Dictionary has just added cultural Marxism to its records. And that’s a big victory for a lot of people who fearmonger about cultural Marxism but probably don’t even understand what it is. Not because…