Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman wants Turkey’s President to stop bringing up the brutal killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi


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Wait, what? And also wait what for the post above yours? I'll have to google some stuff.

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yea dude. He was there to get his marriage annulled. His soon to be wife was turkish and waiting for him. He went in, was butchered almost immediately, one of his fingers supposedly stashed for MBS, and the rest of his remains put in an acid vat or down the well in the consulate or they burnt him or they shipped him out in pieces in suitcases. We do not know to this very day. The turks have video of every plotter moving through the airports the day before and the night of the attack. Also Jamal Khashoggis son was forced to have a picture taken and a handshake with MBS and King.

Edit: Oh and the guard definitely 100% wore Jamal's clothes and is shown on CCTV camera on the outside of the consulate. The fiancee also waited outside for like 3 hours after the guard came and left.

OK someone gave me gold over this so I wanted to find an interview. They interviewed the "curator" or whatever of the consulate the first day the Saudis opened up to the Turks for investigation. The curator was twitchy and sweat AF it was surreal. Bah but I couldn't find it.This video helps paint the scene a little bit to this is from the Turk media

This is the bodyguard goon I was talking about

and as a final piece. It turns out the Israelis let the Saudis access to their Pegasus spying technology to be able to track Jamal's phone.

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Also Jamal Khashoggis son was forced to have a picture taken and a handshake with MBS and King

That's a bloody awful picture to have to be a part of. Poor bastard.

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