Letter: Democrats are worried their Democracy will be taken away – Ripon Commonwealth Press


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To the Editor: Biden’s first year was filled with broken promises and doing everything he can against keeping America great. In Biden’s 2021, the term “smash and grab” entered the vocabulary.Biden stopped U.S. pipelines. Gas/oil companies were warned; lack of financing and new regulations would soon put them out of business. Critical Race Theory was mainstreamed to get “rid of racism”. “Social justice warriors” could replace defunded police. Green agendas, would put an immediate stop to man-made “climate change.” Biden created the chaos and anarchy on the border; and Afghanistan, one of the most humiliating defeats in U.S. military history; a labor-starved supply chain in shambles, and government spending that created the worst inflation in 30 years. Public schools pushed transgender values — even encouraging susceptible children to contemplate sex-change surgery.Leftists got what they wanted.Recently the mainstream media, elites, and politicians on the left, have all been talking about democracy’s future. They’re warning us about Democracy ending in 2024, predicting democracy’s downturn as early 2022, with scary scenarios of “autocracy” and Trump “coups.”Democrats aren’t worried about upholding the Constitution. They’re fearful and angry not because democracy doesn’t work, but because it does, despite their own media and political efforts to warp it. The Left expects to lose power over the next two years, because of its radical, top-down agendas that never had any public support.Americans see sheer ruin and they’re disgusted. Democrats are wrecking the country and everyone along with it.— Sallie HelmerRipon

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