Day: January 7, 2022

Why the crowd storming the Capitol on January 6th last year included Black people and other people of color – MSNBC


TranscriptInto AmericaBONUS: The Far-Right Isn’t All WhiteJoe Lowndes: (MUSIC) ‘Cause they’re gonna lie on MSN like they always do. As they twist what happened into this crazy, extremist stuff. No.Trymaine Lee: If you’re like me, you may have been surprised to see a few Black faces and other…

Astronomers spot dying star just before it explodes and record supernova | Science & Tech News


For context, those images are from the paper about the event: The top image is figure 2: Pre-explosion PS1/YSE stacked griz-band template (top), detection (middle), and difference (bottom) images of progenitor precursor emission preceding SN 2020tlf. Stacked images were created from 13 z-band, 45 i-band, 23 r-band,…