Czech Republic to end coal use by 2033, boost nuclear power


Were you aware !

People always like to endlessly throw around Chernobyl and more recent Fukushima and entirely ignore hundreds if not thousands of nuclear power plants all over the world that have been quietly supplying us clean electricity for decades.

It's also incredibly disingenuous to constantly praise solar and wind power and just brushing away their low efficiency and waste they create. Everyone hyping solar power to no ends yet it's incredibly inefficient unless you keep panels spotless 24/7 and are dynamically adjusting to the sun movement. And even then they need like 10 years to break even in cost at which point they are so degraded they probably aren't worth using anymore. Yeah yeah, they all say it's 20-25 years life, but we've seen that with LEDs and their whatever million operating hours and they mostly die within few years, nowhere near their theoretical life span. Same with solar panels, especially super cheap ones.

Same issue with wind power. Apparently there is issue with birds, then it's their noise if they are near residential areas and their waste. The massive glass fiber blades have huge issues with erosion from particulates in the air and once they degrade just a bit they hugely lose in efficiency. And as much as everyone likes to pretend how easy it's all to recycle, then why has Germany so much problems doing that that their wind mill blades are just laying all over the place once they take them off? But that's inconvenient truth no one talks about. They just take them off and leave them to lay there because it's not feasible to recycle them.

Or even hydro dams. We all see them as clean energy with no downsides. In reality, hydro dams are huge blenders powered by water. Whatever goes through will die for sure. It also involves changing of river's natural flow, it fucks up fish migration across river, it fucks up fish eggs that float in water and got through (or don't). They use different filtering stages and bypass channels, but all that has only been done recently, after decades of leaving rivers in fucked up state. And even that just partially solves the problems of hydro dams.

What I'm more wondering is why we haven't managed to harness power from radioactive fuel more directly. Now, I'm no expert in radioactivity, but whatever we do it always involves producing steam from radioactive fuel. I've always wondered why can't we more directly harness energy from radioactive fuel without the steam stage. It's like we settled on steam and left it at that. I never even heard of any attempts at it. Which is odd because clearly we aren't using steam turbines on space probes that are powered by nuclear reactors and I know we had such probes. Is that so much less efficient or something? Coz I think that would greatly improve safety and further make it cleaner as you don't have to rely on nearby water supply for cooling capacity.

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