First-dose vaccinations quadruple in Quebec ahead of restrictions at liquor and cannabis stores


As you may know !

Nah, Cyrus would be peddling the fake vax card scheme. The boys would probably end up going around town looking for a place to get their shots in an attempt to go legit, at the request of Bubbles.

Ricky would walk into some convenience store with a pharmacy asking about getting irradiated against the coroner venus fly traps. The pharmacist, trying to gain a better understanding of what exactly Ricky is talking about, would ask if he was trying to "get a shot". Ricky would only end up hearing the pharmacist asking if he wants to "get shot". Ricky would pull out his gun and end up getting the cops called against him, so Julian and Bubbles pull him away and they run.

They'd bump into Cyrus along the way, and he'd tell them they have two options for getting shot.

They'd have a standoff, maybe fire a few shots, and that when Officer Ted would roll up and end up busting Cyrus.

The boys then head back to Sunnyvale only to discover that Lahey and Bobandy found the liquor stash, and Lahey is on his way to becoming the Liquor Snurf once again.

Let's keep in mind that camDown and that's the real deal.