Moderna donates 2.7 million vaccine doses to Mexico as COVID cases surge


As you well know !

Let me see if I can help you - it’s not nice to be downvoted and not understand why.

Imagine you earn $100,000, and pay 40% tax. Once you pay your tax, you get to keep $60,000

Now, imagine you donate $10,000 to some kind of good cause. A naïve interpretation is that you now have $50,000.

But if you’re allowed to treat that $10,000 as a tax write-off, it just means you won’t pay tax on it. Out of the $100,000 you earned, only $90,000 is taxable. You only pay $36,000 tax instead of $40,000. You’ve saved $4,000 tax.

So, by paying $10,000 to a good cause, you’ve saved $4,000. You’ve got $54,000 now, compared to $50,000 if you weren’t able to write that payment off for tax purposes, and compared to $60,000 if you hadn’t made the payment at all. It’s still cost you $6,000, but the good cause has benefited by $10,000.

This is why “it’s a tax write-off” doesn’t negate or explain away a company doing something good. They have still made a significant payment. It’s just that the good cause has benefited by even more than what it cost the company. The extra amount effectively comes from the tax office in whatever is the relevant country - but that would typically be less than what the company paid (unless the tax rate is 50% or more).

Hope that helps!

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