Djokovic pictured maskless at public event one day after positive Covid test | Novak Djokovic


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Some Novak fans underestimate just how much people HATE antivaxxers. These people are fucking nutcases. These arent reasonable people who merely have a differing opinion, they are lunatics. Its even worse when they have a big platform and voice (like Novak does due to his tennis talents), are rich - and to top it off - arrogant assholes too.

People are sick to death of hearing about antivaxxers in the media, reading their bullshit misinformation and ridiculous comments, seeing shit like 'antivax Karen' posting footage to social media of her visit to Bunnings/Woolworths berating innocent staff just trying to do their job protecting the community and following health guidelines, hoping antivax misinformation doesnt trickle down to our own (vulnerable / naive) loved ones who might end up believing the bullshit, seeing the awful rallys they organise during lockdowns - and the myriad of real problems (including deaths) they can cause during a pandemic to society.

The fact that this antivaxxer, who happens to be a tennis star, is imploding - makes a lot of people very happy. And the best part? He did it all to himself, opened his big (twitter) mouth, shot himself in the foot.... and maybe he even committed career (and even Legacy) suicide if it turns out we get a juicy 'faked the covid test result' or 'caught visiting children when he knew he was positive' story to play out in days to come. Its a joy to watch his house of cards come crumbling down around him. It couldnt happen to a more deserving anti-vaxx asshole.

So, before any Novak fans drop by to 'wonder why everyone is jumping on poor Novak'... stop to consider for a moment that its because hes a fucking anti-vaxx nutcase. And they're a plague to society at the moment. Not 'merely' because he might be an asshole, or entitled or any of that kindof stuff.

Fuck anti-vaxxers.

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