Undersea Cable Connecting Norway With Arctic Satellite Station Has Been Mysteriously Severed


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It is in fact the second cable getting damaged. In April 2021, 4,3 kilometers of underwater marine life surveilance cable dissppeared, shutting down a research network 66 kilometers long in total. This was a little south of the landing point of the new cable broken. Here is google translate of a news article (most articles are behind pay wall, or in New Norwegian language, so i chose this compacted Bokmål language one).

"4.3 kilometers of submarine cable gone without a trace

An underwater monitoring system in northern Norway went black in April. The reason turned out to be that 4.3 kilometers of submarine cable had disappeared. The monitoring system was established outside Bø in Vesterålen in 2013, in collaboration between the Institute of Marine Research and Equinor. On April 3 this year, it was discovered that the cable network, totaling 66 kilometers, had been put out of action. Half a year after the fault was discovered, and after extensive troubleshooting, Equinor's rovers found that 4.3 kilometers of cable, which went between two high-tech platforms, "Node 2" and "Node 3", had disappeared, writes Dagens Næringsliv. Equinor's information director Sissel Rinde describes the facility as «a unique test facility for the development of new technology for environmental mapping and monitoring».

The Institute of Marine Research tells DN that they must clarify whether there is a basis for prosecuting someone who may have broken the cable. The case will be investigated by the Troms police district. Sissel Rogne, director at the Institute of Marine Research, has contacted PST about the case, partly because the facility captures a lot of information. Before the data has been sent to the Norwegian Marine Data Center, they have visited the Norwegian Armed Forces' research institute for filtering sensitive information. PST does not want to comment on the case. (NTB)

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