Study Finds Cannabis Compounds Prevent Infection By Covid-19 Virus


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its more of how these chemicals are absorbed by your body than anything else.

Your body has cannabinoid receptors, which processes external contents of THC and varies other chemicals, hence why it can get you "high".

these synapses which process THC does not absorb oil or acid, that's not their function. oil and acidic contents are most likely carried and distributed by your blood stream.

so no, smoking won't get you CBDA, the guy above me is correct. CBDA gets convereted into CBD thru decarbonization, which is the process of exposing the cannabis to heat.

I realize the way I phrased the explanation above make it sound like if you ingest edibles you will get cbda, which is true but also not true to an extent. It's not true in the sense that a regular edible will have the processed form of cbda, which is CBD but its not the same. CBDA can be extracted directly from cannabis plants and I do believe there are product in the market that offer pure CBDA in oil form, which not gone thru carbonization, so in that sense it's true. But beware, study in benefits and effects and especially clinical trials of CBDA and CBD is still very limited, it is an industry that is currently rapidly expanding tho.

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