U.S., NATO reject Russia’s demand to exclude Ukraine from alliance


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Actually, the Austrians did make a lot of demands. But of the 10 demands they made, Serbia was prepared to submit to all but one of their demands. But nine out of 10 was not good enough for the Austrians and the Serbians were not going to roll over on all 10. As such, that was the start of World War I.

Really, the worst aspect of the whole thing was the Kaiser giving the Austrians his Blank cheque. The Kaiser told the Austrians he would back any demands they made. The Austrians took that to mean they would demand and get all ten of the demands met.

The problem wasn't just Kaiser giving away his checkbook. It was that he gave it away to an angry ally, and the Kaiser then WENT ON VACATION. Think about that... war is breaking out and the Kaiser is going to go on vacation cause there is nothing that needs his attention anywhere. He didn't think that anything important was happening that required his full attention. Nope, "I'll back you all the way. Anyway, look at the time... I gotta get to the beach".

What the fuck was the Kaiser thinking? Nobody fucking knows. If a competent politician had been resident in Berlin, they would have postponed the vacation, hung out... found out that Serbia was willing to agree to nine of the ten demands, and then tell the Austrians to take the offer. "We'll try and get them to agree to the 10th next week, But dude.... take the fucking nine points right now. No reason for a war if you can get 90% of your ask right this minute".

Sadly, the Kaiser had the IQ of a dumb bumblebee.

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