Cy-Fair ISD trustee has history of racially divisive, anti-vax social media posts – Laredo Morning Times


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A Cy-Fair ISD trustee under fire for disparaging comments he made about Black teachers at Houston Independent School District has a history of racially divisive, anti-vaccine and anti-mask social media posts. Trustee Scott Henry, a sales engineering manager at Splunk, is facing calls for his resignation from after video surfaced Wednesday of remarks he made at a recent school board work session seemingly linking Black teachers at HISD to high drop-out rates in their district.On Wednesday Henry posted a statement to the Facebook page for his board of trustees campaign saying his comments had been taken out of context, but similar racial statements can be found throughout his social media. In a tweet posted on Jun. 11, 2021, Henry likened vaccination passport requirements to segregation in the 1960s.

This is pure evil! Bring back the segregation we had in the 60s. #TonyBlairisaGlobalist— Scott Henry (@sahenry) June 11, 2021

"This is pure evil! Bring back the segregation we had in the 60s. #TonyBlairisaGlobalist," Henry tweeted in response to a video of the former prime minister of the United Kingdom stating that there should be a distinction vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals.

The tweet included a gif of a Black man drinking from a water fountain labeled "colored" staring in the direction of a whites only water fountain that transforms into a urinal. 

In a tweet from March 2021, Henry attached an image of Dora the Explorer crying in response to a photo of Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo, who was born in Colombia, reacting to Gov. Greg Abbott reopening the state following lockdowns.— Scott Henry (@sahenry) March 3, 2021

A quick scan of Henry's Twitter also revealed numerous retweets of anti-vaccine, anti-mask, anti-lockdown rhetoric and misinformation. In May last year, he called the Centers for Disease Control a "joke" and said that his children would not be wearing masks in response to requirements for unvaccinated children to wear masks to protect them against COVID-19. He also stated that the virus "barely affects kids at any age."

Hey @LesterHoltNBC the @CDCgov is a joke and my kids will not wear them. The numbers way they never get covid and if .0001% do then they recover in a day.— Scott Henry (@sahenry) May 16, 2021

Hospitalizations of children under 18 with COVID-19 in the U.S. have actually climbed to their highest levels on record in the past few weeks, the Associated Press reports.  On Monday, Texas Children's Hospital reported 75 children hospitalized in its care with COVID-19, the highest number since the onset of the pandemic. On Wednesday, Houston city officials confirmed the city's youngest pediatric COVID-19 death on record—a child under 10, according to the Houston Chronicle. 

Henry has also taken a strong stance against the teaching of critical race theory in Texas schools. In a May tweet, prior to his election, he accused Cy-Fair and its superintendent Mark Henry of "working hard to implement" the academic concept, which is not taught in K-12 education, in the district's curriculum. 

Cy-Fair ISD trustee Scott Henry has made social media posts against critical race theory, which is not taught in K-12 education, on his Facebook campaign page. Scott Henry for CFISD Trustee / Facebook

Although Henry made his personal Facebook page private after the backlash he received for his comments, his campaign page is still active. On that page, he takes his anti-CRT sentiments even further, calling it a "radical Marxist philosophy that claims others should be stereotyped, judged, and denounced based on skin color' and also shared a "cheat sheet" with buzz words to look out for that could indicate CRT is being taught. The list includes the words "diversity," "social justice," "equity" and "systemic racism."

Henry has not shared any further messages since Wednesday's statement. 

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