Doctor who branded his initials on patients’ livers no longer allowed to practice medicine


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Imagine your cousin, at the bachelor party with his friends, talking about their highschool days. They are all a little drunk. One of them, out of nowhere, says:

- You know what it would be hilarious at your wedding? You, showing a video of yourself, more than 30 minutes long, about your wresling times in high school. Imagine all your participants, sitting there, watching the video, no way out, wondering WTF!.

Another friend: - Ahahaha, that would be so funny. And after that, he has to make a 30 minutes speech about that.

They laught, then another one: - What about his career? He has to say a few words about that. Technically, he's the best surgeon in this town, being the only one.

The groom to be, slamming his palm agains the table: You know what? I'll do it!

Then, at the wedding, you see the groom smirking and all his friends holding their laughter and you sit there wondering WTF!.

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