Quebec says it will tax those who remain unvaccinated against COVID-19 without a medical reason


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I would rather see us tax those who have made record profits during a global health crisis.

Sure, the anti-vaxxers are a big problem but universal means universal. Making it harder for a group of people to get healthcare, no matter who they are, is a move in the wrong direction. Everyone should get healthcare if they need it.

The main issue has always been our lack of funding and resources to meet the demands placed on our healthcare system. One government cuts funding and the next only partially restores it, and decades later we're totally unable to handle an emergency because we've been starving the system to make privatization seem more appealing. ("What if you could pay to skip the line?", right? What if the line only exists because we cut funding for the thing you need and there's not enough to go around anymore?)

Tax the people and corporations who are bringing in major profit instead. They are the reason our governments are playing the "we can't afford to take real measures to help people" card. Tax the wealthy and use it to pay for a universal monthly recurring relief cheque, mandated paid sick leave, rapid test kits and medical grade masks for everyone, wage subsidies for small businesses, etc.

As much as it would feel vindicating to start hitting antivaxxers in the wallet, I'm not convinced it's a good move.

Also how many anti vaxxers do you suppose are wealthy enough to afford this? I'd wager a lot of this demographic rides the poverty line. Half of Canadians couldn't afford a $200 emergency in 2019 right? And that definitely hasn't improved, so what are we going to accomplish by taxing people who can't afford to pay?

Let's tax the people who can more than afford to pay because they've been profiting massively on everyone else's misfortune.

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