Russian-led militants release toxic ammonia in Donbas, provoking red-flag fears


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Russia is trying to regain it's former place on the world stage. It has it's own sphere of influence similar to how the west is generally viewed as the US' sphere. Russia's includes mostly former soviet countries such as Kazakhstan, Armenia, and Belarus, though Syria is also another.

One of Russia's goals was to get a warm water port, which they did when they annexed Crimea in 2014. Now they seem to want all of Ukraine or at least to install a Russian aligned puppet state like Belarus is to add it to it's sphere.

They also don't want NATO to expand eastwards and arrive directly on Russia's border. Ukraine has applied for membership but NATO doesn't accept members with active border skirmishes. Which Ukraine has because Russian soldiers disguised as "not Russian soldiers" have been fighting in eastern Ukraine since Crimea got annexed, with most likely this goal to stall Ukraine's membership in mind while Russia prepared itself. Losing countries on it's border increases NATO's strategic strength while also "locking" Russia in. If all of it's border countries in Europe are in NATO, Russia will never be able to expand into Europe ever again.

Russia has been killing loose ends in foreign countries, reigning in it's allies and securing it's border territories, teaming up with China more and more over the last year, "taking care" of his political opponents, and spreading disinformation throughout the west to cause chaos.

Imo, it means Russia is trying gain strategic advantages for the future and just in case something breaks out between it and NATO. Russia and China are likely teaming up in their efforts to undermine the west, gain new territory as China also desires Taiwan, and become the dominant world powers. The US, NATO, Japan, and allies in response have been stepping up and trying to find ways to reign in both countries through alliances, boycotts, and sanction threats.

However, it's unlikely nuclear war is imminent. Mutually assured destruction via nuclear war is still a thing and all nuclear nations still know it. What you should worry about is disinformation campaigns, because Russia and China don't need Nukes to destroy the west if we tear ourselves apart from the inside.

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