Canada deploys special forces to Ukraine amid rising tensions with Russia – National |


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During the Battle of the Somme in WWI the Axis deployed Mustard Gas, which caused many of the allied forces to retreat. Apparently the Canadian soldiers decided to simply pee on headscarfs and wrap them over their face to continue the fighting. Canadians were actually given the nickname Stormtroopers because of their apparently willingness to fight in absurdly terrible conditions.

The Somme and Passchendale were intensely brutal battles. Many of the dikes in the Netherlands have been destroyed and the area was just a mud pit. You easily risked dying by sinking/drowning in mud in No Mans Land as much as catching a bullet. Just a fucking brutal two battles.

Vimy Ridge, basically every allied force attempted to take the ridge and failed. The Canadians used a rolling artillery barrage, shelling just ahead of their own troops in order to provide the cover necessary to take the Ridge. Vimy was actually gifted to Canada and is considered Canadian soil, in France.

During WWII, the Canadians completed most of their objectives and pushed the furthest into their beachhead during D-Day. HOWEVER, in saying that the US encountered very heavy defenses on Omaha and had a much tougher time in the battle.

Canadians fought basically up the Italian coast during the italian campaign and liberated the Netherlands.

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