Ottawa homeless shelter staff harassed by convoy protesters demanding food


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I think the subreddit already existed, or at least I remember seeing it around the same time the cesspool /r/t_d was rightfully banned.

On the surface it was for non-Trump supporters to ask questions about why anybody would support such an obvious grifter, and get 'genuine' responses from Trump voters. And by 'genuine', I mean that every response would be just parroting the same 2 or 3 talking points that were en vogue with Trump and FOX News at the time, i.e. just completely avoiding the question and then going straight to lazy whataboutism and childish insults about Clinton, Biden, or whoever else has ever disagreed with Trump - "but her emails!", "Hunter Biden's laptop!", etc.).

In actuality it was just another shill subreddit where any criticism of Trump was downvoted or removed by mods and everything else was just blind support and far right propaganda. Any legitimate criticism was deleted or overrun by pro-Trump misinformation, and any invective against Trump was met with pearl clutching and the post held aloft as a clear sign that everyone left of Nazis are just "haters" and "never-Trumpers" and they're unable to have a rational conversation. So just a lose-lose for everyone.

So it was only natural that when /r/t_d was banned all the Trumpers made a big show and dance of quitting Reddit for a more conservative (read: misinformation)-friendly platform, but actually just moved into /r/ask_t_d and that became the main pro-Trump propaganda outlet on Reddit.

In any form, it's a cancerous cult.

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