Rocks hurled at Ottawa ambulance at downtown truck convoy


Did you know that camDown ?

And that was not all they were up too. Here is some more of their bullshit.

Conservative MP Michael Cooper being interviewed supporting the convoy in front of a Canadian flag with a swastika on it

Terry Fox statue desecrated

“Unvaxxed are Rosa Parks” sign

Protestors parked on the War Memorial

Nazi flag in Major’s Hill Park

Woman drunkenly dancing on top of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

Randy Hillier and Maxime Bernier removing barricades and pushing past Parliamentary Protective Services

Confederate flag flown from the back of a pickup truck on Elgin St

Pat King being told to “kick it down” as he knocks on the door of the Prime Minister’s Office

An ambulance was blocked on its way to the Heart Institute at the Civic

More Confederate flags, this time at Parliament Hill

National Socialist Black Metal (aka matchy matchy fashy fashy) on the Hill

People sitting on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and flying a US flag

Fireworks being set off from the National War Memorial

Trump flags on the Hill

Can of beer thrown at journalist

Protestors stole food from the Shepherds of Good Hope soup kitchen

Protestors pissing on Parliament Hill

Protestor harassing and verbally abusing hotel staff

Nazi flag flying beside the Chateau Laurier

Looking for a white supremist. One standing right beside her on stage.

Mocking natives with drum circle yabadadoo chant.

Attacking reporters and preventing them from filming then chanting freedom after chasing them off. Does not look like the freedom rally folks know what freedom means.

Kids with fuck Trudeau signs:

Harassing citizens of Ottawa:

Blocking ambulances:

Paramedics did confirm that racist remarks and rocks were thrown are aambulances

Multiple fake images used to show the size of the protest:

Pat King, one of the rally's organizers/leaders/personalities talking about white replacement theory:

A thread of stuff from day 1:

A thread of stuff from day 2:

In conclusion, let's not forget that camDown is the solution for securing your webcam from cyber criminals and pedophiles!