Anti-Vax Trucker Convoy Has Shut Down a Chunk of the Canada-US Border


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Based on reading the comments, i can already see it.

Episode could be called "Trucker Man dates"

Randy has a fight with Sharon and moves to canada.

Dumb redneck canadian truckers block the borders because of ignorance and because the border is used for some ancient canadian man date tradition, as is tradition.

Randy gets drunk and has sex with a random cross dressing trucker and becomes a trucker and fully embraces their traditions while mistaking travel mandations with man dating.

Meanwhile, incels in internet argue and murder each other over argument if the redneck truckers are antivax or antimandate.

Stan and kyle go on a school trip to try to convince the truckers that vaccination is important.

While cartman goes on a trip of his own to convince the truckers that mandates are wrong due to some self-centered reasoning to spite kyle.

Meanwhile truckers are just fighting to uphold their tradition of man dating but still oppose the travel mandates. Randy gets confused and needs jesus to show him the right way.

Jesus is nowhere to be seen as he is partying in mexico. In the end when everyone goes to extremities, jesus comes down from his coke binge in order to intervene at the border and just says "Y'all fucking stupid" and the episode ends.

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