Putin: US and allies have ignored Russia’s security demands | AP News


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Putin can't stage a full-on invasion, for two reasons.

First - Russia has positioned 130,000 troops on the Ukraine border. Ukraine's army includes 280,000 people, with about half being armed soldiers.

Consider what happens when an army of (x) soldiers squares off against an army of (x) soldiers... on the fortified homeland of the latter. To put it mildly, it's not an even matchup. And that's not considering:

(a) European and U.S. aid to Ukraine, and

(b) The Ukrainian population of 44 million civilians, many of whom would take up arms against the invading force. The Ukrainian population has an estimated 900,000 registered firearms and 3.6 million unregistered firearms.

Second - Russia will lose the game of diplomacy, and lose hard.

Russia has one diplomatic card to play: shutting off oil and gas exports to Europe. According to this article, 20% of Russia’s GDP is oil and gas sales.

If Russia were to heavily curtail oil and gas sales and also suffer massive economic sanctions on other imports and exports and a massive freeze on its overseas assets and a blockade on international travel and maybe a communications embargo and maybe infrastructure shutdowns from cyberwarfare courtesy of the NSA’s latest and greatest tools…

How long do you think the Russian economy can defy gravity? Is its ability to levitate measured in days or minutes?

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