Ottawa police might need military aid to end downtown occupation, chief says


Were you aware !

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Fuck that. No.

This is dumb.

Do not send us into this dumbshit. You don't want it. We don't want it. That is NOT what we are for. This will end badly even if perfectly executed.

If you want this policed. Use the fucking cops. That's what their job is. The army is NOT for use on Canadians. Have they learned nothing from Oka?!
We are not in Belarus.

This is stupid and I want the police chief removed for lack of intelligence just for suggesting such utter nonsense.
You'd think that at some point before he made chief this idiot would figure it out. Fuck that guy. BLM might have had a point, if this is their best. They're all fucked.

-Sincerely, a Canadian soldier.

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In Canada, and Ontario, governments cannot order police to do anything.

Unlike the United States, the police here are completely separate from government. The only law enforcement agency controlled by government in Canada is the military.

We do have the RCMP, and Ontario has the OPP, but these are arms length agencies that are independent of the federal and provincial governments. Likewise at the municipal level, no Canadian mayor has the authority to order local police to do anything.

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Just messaged a cop buddy.
I had to yada yada him down a lot because they get excited for this minutiae.

Boils down to city council and Ontario police services board.

That said... It's apparently deliberately grey for reasons of separation of power.

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Totally agree! The absolute worst case scenario is Canadian soldiers facing Canadian citizens. It makes my fucking skin crawl. This is Canada, not some shaky democracy with a history of widespread political violence.

Under zero circumstances should the army be used against the protesters, that is why we have a gendarmerie, the RCMP, and they absolutely have the resources to deal with any threat these asshats may pose. Free, democratic, civil societies do NOT use their militaries against their own.

Sincerely, a Canadian veteran who does not support these losers.

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Ok how about

  • Noise ordinances (surprisingly, you can’t be constantly honking at 4 am in the night)

  • illegally parking

  • blocking off streets/obstructing traffic

These three things are the minimum every moron on parliament hill is currently doing, and that’s before you get into the more exotic crimes some are commiting

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