Trudeau rules out negotiating with protesters, says military deployment ‘not in the cards’


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It really feels like every level of government has abandoned the residents of Ottawa.

The Ottawa Police Service Chief said yesterday, “There may not be a policing solution to this demonstration.” They’ve only started to ticket people and charge protesters a few days ago, mainly the 250 left. No consequences so far for the 8,000 others who participated.

There are many videos of police being chummy with the protesters. The OPS said they’re using de-escalation tactics, implicitly saying it’s to prevent extreme violence or extreme domestic terrorism.

By-law officers have been too terrified to ticket the trucks. I read they said that the police wouldn’t escort them as protection.

Meanwhile, Ottawans, including journalists covering this occupation, had still been ticketed for parking violations.

There are some jurisdictional complications with the Ontario Provincial Police and the RCMP. Someone needs to call them before they just get involved. I don’t know how it works. But the OPS Chief mentioned the military.

But the military should only be involved as a last resort. Neither the OPP nor the RCMP has even been involved. And no one has died or gotten extremely violently attacked.

And all this while, Ottawans are suffering from harassment (verbal + physical + spitting etc.), hearing damage, and sleep deprivation. Protesters have thrown snowballs and rocks at homes and ambulances. Protesters have pissed and shat over the city. It has been days.

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