Court grants injunction to silence honking in downtown Ottawa for 10 days


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By their own admission, the police have made just 20 arrests (1.43 per day!) in the two weeks of this protest. They also admit to having issued just 500 fines (35 per day) over the last two weeks as well.

Given the size of this protest, this looks less like enforcement and more like complicity.

Edit: I'm not suggesting the police should be forming lines with riot shields and truncheons to throw protesters into paddy wagons en masse. I'm saying that, for the area affected, 1.43 arrests per day is probably lower than what was normal before the protesters arrived. Some protesters have not been well behaved e.g. arsonists attempted to block residents in an apartment building and light it on fire after the residents shouted at the protestors. It was a random passerby who stopped the fire, not police.

If truckers are honking their horns all night then they should be ticketed, over and over again, until they stop. The honking hasn't stopped and, as far as can be told from the police issuing just 35 tickets per day in the area, it's because people aren't being ticketed for breaking noise bylaws.

There doesn't have to be a brutal crack-down. The police just need to enforce basic laws to give people who live and work in the area an acceptable amount of peace and security. Failure to do this could result in tragedy. e.g. A lot of people could have died if a random passerby hadn't put out the apartment building fire. That would have been on the police for allowing lawlessness to grip the area as much as it would be on the arsonits' heads.

Those supporting the police say their near complete inaction is necessary to avoid provoking the protesters, but we're seeing fed-up residents doing that themselves. It's pure luck that nobody has been seriously hurt or killed yet. If the police don't start doing their jobs the situation is going to get out of control no matter what they do. They must be active peace-keepers between Ottawa's residents and the protesters.

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