Day: February 8, 2022

Mikala Stokes: The 1893 World’s Fair excluded Black people and their history. Lessons from this omission persist. – Chicago Tribune


Opinion content—editorials, columns and guest commentaries—is created independent of news reporting and is exclusive to subscribers. On the second day of the new year in 1893, Frederick Douglass delivered two speeches in Chicago. His first speech was the keynote address for the dedication of the Haitian Pavilion at…

Basically, they were just some dudes chit-chatting about the affairs of the day | Opinion – Miami Herald


Congressional Republicans have declared that the Capitol riot of Jan. 6, 2021 was “ordinary citizens engaged in legitimate political discourse.” AP They stormed through police barricades, these “ordinary citizens engaged in legitimate political discourse.” They shattered windows and chanted death to the vice president, these “ordinary citizens engaged…

This Black History Month, learn about Abraham Galloway, the radical Union spy – NPR


Engraved portrait of Abraham Galloway from William Still’s The Underground Railroad, published in 1872. William Still’s ‘The Underground Railroad,’ 1872 hide caption toggle caption William Still’s ‘The Underground Railroad,’ 1872 He has been compared to James Bond and Malcolm X, though his name has largely been left out…