Jake Stevens announces candidacy for Idaho Legislature – Idaho State Journal


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POCATELLO – ISU graduate and Army Warrant Officer Jake Stevens is challenging Democrat incumbent James Ruchti in the 2022 Election for the Idaho State Legislature, House of Representatives, District 29 Seat B.Stevens decided to run for the Idaho Legislature because he believes he can provide a voice in Boise that reflects the values and priorities of our community. He believes our current Representative has consistently voted against the values held by the overwhelming majority of the people of Pocatello and District 29.Stevens said, “We are not a woke Leftist community. Our city and district generally support American and family values, there is no reason why we should be represented by a radical Leftist in Boise. Our Democrat Representative has repeatedly voted against the interests of our citizens.” Some examples from Ruchti’s voting record include: · Opposing a bill that would curb the governor’s power to deem certain businesses “non-essential” and force them to close (Idaho House Bill 135)· Opposing a bill that would prohibit the killing of an unborn child once a heartbeat can be detected (Idaho House Bill 366),· Opposing a bill that would ban biological males from competing in girls’ sports (Idaho House Bill 500), and· Opposing a bill that banned Marxist racial propaganda such as Critical Race Theory from being taught in public schools. (Idaho House Bill 377)Stevens sees a future where Idaho businesses can operate without the fear of being forced to close their doors anytime elected officials see fit, where Representatives can be counted on to stand up to unconstitutional federal and state mandates that violate God-given liberties, and where parents can send their kids to school without the concern of radical indoctrination.It is time for a conservative who shares our values to represent us in Boise. It is time to retire the Radical Left and support Jake Stevens for State Representative to Fight For Our Children’s Freedom. Freedom from lockdowns and mandates, freedom from radical indoctrination, and freedom from fiscal tyranny.About Jake Stevens: Jake grew up in Eagle, ID, one of eight children, and planted roots in Pocatello in 2010. He graduated from Idaho State University with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Computer Information Systems.Jake served as a Non-Commissioned Officer in the Army Reserve prior to receiving his commission as a Warrant Officer, specializing in network operations.Jake and his wife Jordan have two sons and enjoy spending time outdoors with their kids.Jake Stevens is a member of the Army Reserve. Use of his military rank or job titles does not imply endorsement by the US Army of the Department of Defense.

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