New Zealand is hit by Canada-style freedom convoy


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The way Canada has dealt with this has been absolutely pathetic.

Alberta launched the Essential Infrastructure Act in 2020, to prevent blockades on roads, highways, railways, etc. This was in response to The Wet’suwet’en First Nation protesting an oil pipeline going through their territory.

The Alberta Premier, Jason Kenny said that “The right to protest does not include being able to prevent your neighbours from getting to work and putting food on the table, or threatening their security,” (2020).

Minister of Justice Doug Schweitzer said that “…Albertans have witnessed the level of economic damage that a small group of lawbreakers can cause through blockades and other illegal protests. Our government will not stand idly by and allow Alberta to be an economic hostage to illegal activity now or ever,” (2020).

Meanwhile, a major border crossing between Alberta and Montana has been blocked for 11 days. They have done absolutely nothing, and they have recently blocked a second border crossing as well. This has had significant economic impacts on the overall Alberta economy and on individual truckers stuck in this. It is absolutely embarrassing and shameful that we haven’t done anything in response to this. The government is not enforcing the laws equally, and I’m sure most sane Canadians know why - Alberta’s racist conservative government bends over backwards for these MAGA LARPing, oil loving, aggressive yeehaw conservatives. They’re the ones dictating laws now it seems.

Alberta lifted its vaccine passport program today, but the border protestors are staying because they’re upset people still need to wear masks.


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