China bought none of the $200 billion it promised from the U.S. under ‘Phase 1’ trade deal, study reveals


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He does, but his casino team were all experienced execs he poached from Steve Wynn. His casino guy O'Connell stated his first casino was making Trump $100 million a year despite Trump's incompetence and miserliness, stating the opening of the Trump Taj Mahal "was the worst casino opening in the history of gambling."

He fucked up by getting two more casinos within a mile of each other, financed by junk bonds at 14% interest @ $675 million which was 50% more than he planned to pay, one which was managed by his wife who had no relevant experience just to keep her distracted while he was playing hide the orange with Marla. His casinos all cannibalised off each other. He needed a minimum of $1.3 million a day just to service the interest on the debt and to pay bills. More than any casino ever did in history at that point. In the end, he owed $1.3 billion just from the bond debt and nearly bankrupted the city.

He almost sold the casinos with a $125 million profit but the Japanese zaibatsu that was in a tentative purchase walked away from the deal after his wife and girlfriend fought on that ski slope in Aspen. The Japanese despise scandal. Even his friends said he was "so focused on Marla he wasn't paying attention to his business."

His top three executives died in a helicopter crash and as is classic Trump, he lied and said he was supposed to go with them, then blamed the dead executives for ruining his casinos. O'Connell, his last competent casino executive told him to go fuck himself, quit that day and the casinos went under soon after.

He's a "success story" only in the sense that he is a white man with money in the USA who has never faced consequences or accountability, failing upward his entire life. His own sister said he can't be trusted in any way.

It's like his only compulsion is to destroy.

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