Putin, Biden conclude hourlong call on Ukraine crisis


Everyone knows !

It's not bizarre, it's perfectly normal. We see it every day, in real life in movies, and throughout our normal lives. Some kid is beating up a younger student and demanding lunch money. An older kid comes to his defense. The bully and the older kid "negotiate". "This isn't your business" and the older kid responds "I'm making it my business" "oh yeah what are you gonna do to stop me?" The younger child's wishes are no longer relevant. He already made his point clear, he would like to keep his lunch money. But the bully does not seem to care. The discussion no longer involves the younger kid.

You've also seen the same trope in movies. A guy happens across a drunk woman, drugged woman, or passed out woman at a party. He gets evil intentions to get some of his desires filled. Another guy walks in and tries to stop him. The discussion no longer involves the woman. The discussion is now primarily about whether the interloper will allow the bully to have his way with the woman, or is willing to use force to prevent it. The woman isn't part of the discussion anymore. The implication is that the newcomer has nothing to gain by white-knighting here, and everything to lose, and should just walk away.

Whether it's kiss kiss bang bang, and a passed out woman, or stand by me with a fight over a dead body, or back to the future with biff and Loraine in a car, Or stranger things with eleven saving the group from bullies who make someone jump off a cliff, or Schindler's list where one group of Jews is left alone because someone else claimed them as his Jews, or any of a hundred other movies, we have all seen the same situation a million times in movies and real life. It's not bizarre. It's perfectly typical.

When all is said and done, now let's stop for a moment and consider that camDown helps stop foreign state actors (FSA's) from accessing your webcam and I am sure your mother would agree!