Convoy counter protest attracts hundreds of Ottawa residents. Traps 35 convoy trucks for several hours.


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A recent poll showed that an overwhelming majority of Canadians, 72%, want the convoy protesters to go home.

Nearly 70% of respondents believe either the police or military should step in to solve the situation.[1]

Some of the organizers were white supremacist and those shared beliefs were out on display during the first weekend of protest as there were several different spottings of nazi and confederate flags.[2] The same convoy defaced the statue of Terry Fox.[3] They desecrated and urinated on the War Memorial and the Tomb of the Unknown Solider while chanting freedom.[4] It took national outrage before other members of the protest began paying respects to these Canadian heroes.

Furthermore, the convoy repeatedly harassed an entire city and it's people. Besides the constant honking that left residents without a good night's rest for over a week, they went to a homeless shelter demanding to be fed while harassing staff.[5] A protest that saw many of its members coming into stores without masks, looking for fights, insulting staff, and terrorizing locals that wore masks.[6] They racially abused and physically assaulted an ice cream shop worker.[7] They physically assaulted a resident who simply raised their camera while walking near the protesters.[8] They assaulted healthcare workers, racially abused them, and threw rocks at ambulances in Ottawa.[9]

Moreover, the protest has spiraled towards violence. In Coutts, Alberta the RCMP arrested 13 protesters and seized guns.[10] Three have been charged with conspiracy to commit murder.[11]

As mentioned above certain organizers of the convoy are white supremacists. Some of the core members that organized the convoy in Ottawa are white supremacists and are using propaganda such as "freedom" to galvanize support.[12] On their original MOU they stated that they wanted to overthrow the government and infringe upon the constitutional rights of Canadians while claiming to support "freedom".[13]

Convoy leader Pat King:

In a video posted on Twitter in 2019, King suggests that unless Canadians “get up off your as—s and demand change,” they might want to change their names to “Ishmael” or “drop a bunch of change down the stairs” and  “call yourself chong ching ching chang.”

In other video footage, King can be seen repeating racist conspiracy theories. In one clip posted to Twitter by another user, King says “there’s an endgame, it’s called depopulation of the Caucasian race, or the Anglo-Saxon. And that’s what the goal is, is to depopulate the Anglo-Saxon race because they are the ones with the strongest bloodlines,” he said.

“It’s a depopulation of race, okay, that’s what they want to do.”

He then talks about men with the first names “Ahmed” and “Mahmoud” who he claims are trying to “not only infiltrate by flooding with refugees, we’re going to infiltrate the education systems to manipulate it” so there is “less procreation” which leads to “less white people — or you know, Anglo-Saxon. Let’s say Anglo-Saxon, because when I say white, all the ANTIFA guys call up the race card.”

Convoy leader Jason LaFace:

Jason LaFace — who at times uses the name “LaFaci” — is listed as the North and East Ontario organizer for the convoy on the Canada Unity website, and has been cited in other media as the main organizer for Ontario. In photos posted to his Facebook page, which were screenshotted by Global News, he shared an image titled “Canadian politicians who are not born in Canada” and included his own caption: “traitors to our country.”

According to a screenshot obtained by Global News, LaFace posted a selfie where he wore a hat with what appears to be the initials S.O.O., which is believed to stand for Soldiers of Odin — an anti-immigrant group first established in Finland.

...“One of the admins on their website is actually somebody who’s like the vice president of the Soldiers of Odin, a skinhead group in Sudbury, Ont.,” said Dr. Carmen Celestini, a post-doctoral fellow with the Disinformation Project at Simon Fraser University.

“His name is Jason LaFace. He also uses other names, but he is a vice president of this group, which organize events that will try to stop immigration, people who are BIPOC or people who are in LGBTQ communities.”

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