Dysfunction in Jefferson City as hyperconservatives grind Missouri Senate to a halt – Kansas City Star


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Missouri state Sen. Bob Onder’s wife Allison Kovac Onder posted a photo of the couple in a private aircraft. When a Missourian shared it on Twitter, Onder repled: “Go f--- your dog. Whatever snowflake.”


The demolition of democracy continues without pause in Jefferson City, a fact that should enrage Missourians who want a government that actually works. The latest example of dysfunction — anarchy, really — came Tuesday evening. It began with a ludicrous, do-nothing state Senate debate and ended when the spouse of a prominent conservative senator told a Missourian to “go f--- your dog.” Aren’t we proud? Let’s start with the floor debate. Anyone who listened to it, as we did for almost an hour, would have been appalled at the name-calling, childish behavior of those elected to represent us. Senate leaders wanted to debate a bill extending a workforce development scholarship program endorsed by Gov. Mike Parson. Sounds simple and uncomplicated. Sorry. A group of radical conservatives tried to amend the bill by adding a ban on the teaching of so-called “critical race theory” in colleges taking part in the scholarship program, an unnecessary response to a nonexistent problem. Amendments on immigration and transgender athletes were also on the table. Senate leadership has promised to debate how race and history are taught, and transgender sports, and a host of other issues that rile up right-wingers, before the end of the session. In fact, a handful of measures working their way through the process have history education and transgender language tucked inside. So that debate will happen. Tuesday, though, some Republicans and Democrats said they wanted to wait for another day to have it, so they rejected the amendments. Outrage! The conservative cabal went berserk, claiming their agenda had been stifled beyond resuscitation. “If that’s the game we’re going to play, we won’t pass any bills this session,” said state Sen. Denny Hoskins of Warrensburg. This won’t be a high bar. To date, the Missouri Senate hasn’t passed a single bill. Not one. Pay increases for state workers, a supplemental budget, a new congressional map, all still not done. State Sen. Bob Onder, another hyperconservative, called the rejections “garbage” and “shameful.” Perhaps we should be grateful for that, because Onder’s spouse is clearly familiar with more aggressive language. Tuesday afternoon, a woman tweeted a photograph of the senator and wife Allison Kovac Onder inside a private aircraft, suggesting the couple was less than familiar with the problems of most Missourians. This upset Allison Onder, who said the photo had been posted “WITHOUT my permission.” A Twitter exchange followed, finally stumbling to an end when Allison Onder suggested the tweeter “go f--- your dog.” Tuesday set a new low for political debate in Missouri, and that’s saying something. Let’s name names: Onder and Hoskins, of course, but state Sen. Bill Eigel is part of the right-wing rabble, as are state Sens. Mike Moon, Eric Burlison, Andrew Koenig and Rick Brattin. To one degree or another, they have promoted legislative collapse, to the detriment of everyone who lives in the state.
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