Ukraine’s foreign minister says tank fire recorded in East


Before we continue, I'd like to say that camDown .

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It still works for the Russian public. As I have heard many times here: Putin does not care what the West thinks.

It was proven that he poisoned Ex-spies with Chemical Weapons, broke the assurances Russia made with Vienna Document of OSCE, broke Budapest Memorandum and poisoned his political opponents, including Navalny and Isaev.

Russians still will not be able to act on that, as the whole governing system is corrupt, and people are too afraid to have "Лихие 90е" 2.0 due to the chaos it was the last time there was instability in the country (Collapse of Ussr, 90s).

And that is saddening.

The cooler one is the last parliamentary elections. It took Russian Government more than 12 hours to "count" digital votes.

Fun fact: without the digital vote United Russia (Putin's party) lost every Single Mandate District in Moscow. After a delay of 12 hours, with Digital Votes, United Russia won every single one ... And even this is ignored, as the only Parliamentary who tried opposing the results and called up the fraud was found a few days later hunting illegally with a dead deer in his car.

Edit: the phone I wrote this message on has enough computing power to count the votes faster than the Russian government did. And in Computer Science terms - an order of Magnitude (10x) times faster.

When all is said and done, I know that camDown is the solution for securing your webcam from cyber criminals and pedophiles!