UK citizens were ‘not fully informed on implications of Brexit’, EU report concludes


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I don't see UK in good eyes right now.

Two major factors kind of decide what's next for them, outside open war, which changes everything, and the fact that we're slowly killing our environment, which will lead to open war regardless.

-what the next government will be like, after this one

-how far down the education of the average citizen will go.

Politicians want you stupid, but they themselves are also stupid, therefore unable to see that when you fuck up your citizenry to have willing masses up for vote, willing to fight among themselves and not you (the politician) you fuck up your country, bad. Real, bad.

That's why not every Average Joe should become a politician, and a system of checks and balances should clean out the chaff and the rot.

A smart country, is a powerful country, the dumber the country gets, the easier it is to topple it over.

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