UK intelligence says Russia has 50% of its ground combat units on Ukraine’s border


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A lot depends on what Ukraine's military, and honestly citizenry too, decides to do. I don't think anyone would fault them for leaving and saving their lives. (And if you are in Ukraine reading this, please be careful and evacuate if it comes to it)

If they decide though to dig into the soil and refuse to yield until death, Russia may find itself in a war it can win, but would be an utterly pyrrhic victory. High death tolls and untold financial expenditure on resources in order to win. And in the end, having Ukraine, but losing significant military capability and funding. Right in time to be hit with harsh sanctions on your already troubling economy, that now has significant COVID and military deaths taking away from it.

Quite frankly saving face is Putin's best move at this point. Even in the best case scenario, they're a global pariah and have harsh sanctions. And it doesn't matter what your number one export is if starving people can't eat it.

Edit: To be clear, I don't want that. I want Putin to fuck off and use whatever excuses he wants, but not invading. Just like everyone else watching this, I don't want war or for Russians to suffer. All to sate some insecure bastard dictator.

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