Russian market sinks 17% as Ukraine tensions intensify


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Nothing gets better here, only worse and worse.

People often forget that Russia's relationship with democracy was very, very short.

It took decades, centuries, for many countries to get to their current state as democratic nations. The UK went through successive states of monarchy, until the current state where the Queen is basically just a figurehead, with civil wars in between.

Germany had some republics within its current territory when it was the HRE, and it gave, little by little, more and more power to the people, even before it became a nation, and then had it all taken away by the Nazis.

France went from Republic to Empire more times than anyone can count, and each time with breakouts of revolution, bloodshed, corruption, and coups.

The US was founded on democratic principles, but the 13 Colonies had lived under a monarchy for 200 years before that, and even then, it was a far cry from actual democracy, with slavery, no vote for women, etc... Even to this day, many millions of American citizens do not have a right to vote. Either they are in territories, or they are ex-felons.

Democracy is a constant work in progress. Russia can get there one day, and I hope that it does. But it hasn't had much of a chance to blossom in Moscow, constantly being under pressure from either socio-economic situations like the collapse of the USSR or the power-grabbing tendencies of the oligarchs who pilfer the country for all that it's worth.

And now Putin wants to start a war, so everyone in world hated Russia even more, and sanctioned us to hell.

I hope most people can make the difference between the people and the state. I don't like Israel, the state. I don't like what they do with regards to the Palestinians, or the illegal settlements.

Israelis, themselves? Let's go grab a drink and have a friendly talk.

The CCP can go and eat a bag of dicks, bunch of 1984 wannabees. Chinese people? No issues, at all.

The US government coups every time someone in Latin America wants to do something they don't 100% agree with, and impose neo-fascist far-right dictators who disappear their own people. The citizens of these countries? I'd welcome them with open arms.

The application of state power corrupts. But it shouldn't influence your opinion on the people who live under these regimes and who do not condone their actions.

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